CEO's speech

The palm and dates sector witnessed two important phases in the UAE, the establishment phase during which the date palm cultivation grew during the era of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, until the UAE became one of the largest producers of dates in the world

The second phase was characterized by improving the quality of dates, by focusing on providing services to farmers on the one hand, and the tendency to support the manufacture of dates on the other. During these two stages the question was....

What Can we do with all these Dates?

After my long experience in cultivating and producing this fruit, I think we can do everything with two ingredients - dates, creativity and results

Mohammed Suhail Al Mazrouei

Chief Executive

ما يميزنا


To make Liwa Dates an inspiration for dates enthusiasts and exceed their expectation by-continued innovation.


To continue developing our products and services,to make Liwa Dates the most wide-ranging and refined in the the world


To make Liwa Dates the focus of attention, we will expand production sections so that each one is fully integrated and all together they form the Liwa Dates factory, in order to improve the UAE dates to be the Finest.


To introduce dates in many unseen ways to cope up with the fast changing lives
and to be accepted worldwide as a high-end premium product favored globally.

The Letter

Continue to develop our products and services to become the most comprehensive
Liwa plant in the world of dates.

Historic Landmark Stations

  • 2006 The plant was established between Liwa Nakheel farms to be the first factory to provide packaging and marketing services for farmers' dates in the country.
  • 2010 The stage of expansion and establishment of the special brand (Liwa Dates) and the marketing of products in the local markets
  • 2009 The factory joined the Khalifa Fund for Business Development.
  • 2010 The factory started exporting its products to international markets.
  • 2011 The new plant in Mazira was opened and operated to become the largest private factory in the country with a total area of ​​20 thousand square meters.
  • 2012 Development of plant equipment and systems which have contributed to increase production capacity to meet increasing orders.


Our field

 Liwadates Food Industries is a national Emirati factory specializing in the manufacture of all date products, in addition to providing packaging services for farmers around the UAE and helping them to market their products more effectively.

What Distinguishes Us

  • Innovative products are continually renewable and do not stop at the limit.
  • Innovative packaging embodies authentic Emirati character with a touch of novelty that makes every package memorable, especially for tourists and visitors to the UAE.
  • Innovative solutions in the world of packaging are synonymous with the taste of our corporate and institutional customers.
  • Technology specializes in the manufacture and packaging of dates.
  • Dedicated team in providing our services.

Global Awards

  • khalifa award

    Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation  2018

  • khalifa award

    Khalifa Fund for Business Development Award 2009

  • mohammed bin rashid award

    Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Youth Projects 2012

Food Safety certifications

  • شهادة الهاسب

    HACCP Certificate (Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point )

  • شهادة الأيزو 22000

    ISO 22000 Certification

    Food Safety Management System



  • صندوق خليفة شعار Khalifa Fund for Business Development
  • مؤسسة محمد بن راشد لمشاريع الشباب Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Youth Projects