Began in 2006, when it was Established in the heart of the city of Liwa in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It began as the first Emirati National Factory Specifically specialized in providing support to Dates producers, and contributed significantly to the development of the Dates industry in the country.
Through the distinguished journey, as a result, Liwa Dates quickly moved from being just a Factory to the main focus of the Dates footprint and creating multiple healthy products that meet the preferences and needs of all people. Today, Liwa Dates is considered a distinguished brand, shining proudly within the Emirates and its fame extends across borders to become known Internationally in the world of Dates. Our story is an ode to exclusivity and sustainability, and we take pride in providing the best products around the world.

Our goal is to make dates a daily part of everyone’s life and integrate them into multiple industries. We see dates as a source of healthy food and economic wealth, and we aim to enhance this employment by providing high quality products.

At Liwa Dates, we work hard to achieve a leadership position in the world of dates. We strive to provide the best quality products and services that meet our customers’ expectations and add unique value to their lives. We build on our traditions and strive to enhance them through continuous innovation and sustainability.

Our vision is based on exploiting palm cultivation and its fruits to achieve development and sustainability. We work to transform palm ingredients into products that meet diverse needs, and we aim to represent the UAE in the best way on the global stage.

Our strategy depends on developing our human resources and adopting the technology of our industry. We seek to build our brand and expand our influence globally through strategic partnerships. Our primary goal includes promoting the wide and diverse use of dates in daily life and various industries

We are proud of the trust of many corporate and retail clients who proudly rely on us to meet their needs in the best ways and provide an exceptional experience to their customers. Join our growing list of satisfied customers and enjoy the superior quality of Liwa dates and our professional service.

During our journey in Liwa Dates, we have achieved many recognized certificates that confirm the quality and excellence of our products. In addition, we have won prestigious awards and entered into partnerships and memberships with prestigious local and international institutions.

ISO 22000 Certification  Food Safety Management System  (FSMS)
HACCP Certificate (Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point )

The success of Liwa dates did not come from nowhere. The work team at Liwa Dates played a role in achieving this wonderful achievement. We would like to express our great gratitude indeed and extend our sincere thanks to them for their efforts and dedication.

Liwa Dates is based on a set of strong values ​​and principles that represent the foundation of our work, including a clear vision, honesty in mission, and dedication to work…

Today, I am honored to be one of the leaders who set a goal and vision and were able to achieve part of it. Today, I am honored to be one of the leaders who set a goal and vision and were able to achieve part of it.

Mr suhail
Muhammad Suhail Al Mazrouei
Founder and CEO