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Liwa Have the History of Dates! …Mixed in a City with an Ancient Civilization!
.. With Liwa dates..
…An Experience Worth Visiting And Exploring…

LiwaDates Boutique

Liwa Dates Store

Liwa Dates opened its first store in (2009) in the heart of the Ancient Liwa oases … and as an extension of our vision.. and our belief in the importance of dates as a nutritional and healthy value for their versatility ….. We offer in our store a wide variety of innovative products of Dates.. that suit all tastes And occasions.. Here you can taste the true essence of our products as soon as you enter the door.

 Liwa Café

In 2015, the first café was added to provide healthy food with a new and Ancient concept through a Menu of food and Drinks based on Dates and its derivatives…

Liwa Café is the place where date lovers can enjoy a unique and innovative Experience.. Enjoy the healthy value of dates in this unique and happy place. Enjoy amazing dishes and drinks made with high quality, healthy and nutritious ingredients

Enjoy The Original Tamrella Experience!

Our exclusive menu has been carefully designed to enable you to enjoy special occasions at Liwa Café, including delicacies such as croissants and crepes, pancakes stuffed with Tamrella, Amlo and cocoa, fresh daily, panzanella with yoghurt Tamrella and berries, and oats for breakfast with almond milk and Tamrella. And berries, and wet ice cream, dates and Açaí, and there is also a selection of cold / hot drinks such as Gold juice, Dates, royal Liwa .. and many other inspiring items..


There is Something Special For Everyone

Whether you want to grab a quick coffee before work, relax over breakfast, or grab a bite on the weekend, Liwa Café caters to all cravings – From date Lovers to serious Gourmets!

Do you want to have a unique experience? come to visit us

We hope to visit you soon…..

Liwa Dates(Café & Boutique -LIWA)

Liwa Dates (Murror Abu Dhabi Boutique )

Full Week 9:00 am to 11 pm
Friday: 2:00 pm to 11: pm