1-  | White flour 100 grams  .

2- |  Fresh milk 150 grams.

3-  Vanilla 3 grams.

4-  | Fresh orange Slice 30 grams.

5-  | Egg 1.

6-  | Salt 2 grams.

7-  | Tamrella 120 grams.

8-  | Fruits (strawberry – blueberry – orange – passion fruit).



1- | Using a food processor or using a hand mixer

2- | We add the dry ingredients in the bowl and stir well and add milk, orange juice and the egg with continuous stirring

3- | Until we get a creamy texture and then we filter the mixture to avoid any lumps

4- | Using a crepe device or an alternative to make crepe, we only need 3 minutes on each direction, and that is on a medium heat

5- | We plan the crepe into four equal triangles and put dates in the first triangle and in the second fruits (berries – strawberries

6- | The third we put the dates and the fourth (raspberries – strawberries) sequentially

7- | Then we fold the crepe in the form of a triangle to give us three layers of fruits from the Dates


How To Apply:-

Bring a suitable flat serving dish and put the crepe, then add the Tamrella sauce, the fruits, the brushes and a little whipping cream on the edge of the dish with the orange pieces, The brushes of Tamrella and the passion fruit.