1- | White flour100 grams 

2- | Fresh milk 150 grams

3- | Vanilla 3 grams

4- | Fresh orange juice 30 grams 

5- | Egg 1

6- | Salt 2 grams

7- | Tamrella 120 grams

8- | Ground almonds30 gm 



 1-  | Using a food processor or using a hand mixer.

2-  | We add the dry ingredients in the bowl and stir well and add milk..

3-  | Orange juice and the egg with continuous stirring.

4-  | Until we get a creamy texture and then we say filter the mixture to avoid any lumps.


How To Apply:-

We spread the whole crepe with the addition of ground almonds, and then we roll it in the form of a roll.. The crepe will be coherent in the form of a roll, and then we cut it into 8 pieces to get this wonderful shape and serve it with slices of cherry tomato and pieces of delicious cheese.