Liwa Dates Export Service

Due to large demand and numbers of inquiries we are receiving from distributors, agencies and individuals even more all around the world expressing their interest on our products and services, we at Liwa Dates endeavour to work and expand on our exporting capacity to consider the needs of customers.

The variety of products and services in international trade is quite broad nowadays. The big question here is, How reliable and competitive your “products and services” are? An exported good is tangible, whereas a service is primarily an experience. A service is something that you experience at a certain time and it can be repeated depending on your clients’ satisfaction on both your products and services offered. As always Liwa Dates control quality in every step of every process. Our integrated quality system guarantees safe & quality products around the year thru applying
HACCP and ISO principles. All packaging designed by our company is made out of suitable food packaging and guarantees the health of dates. Liwa Dates believe the role and significance of packaging in selling products and in consideration of the product requirement itself in terms of quality storage even at the largest transportation it would require.

In Liwa Dates, we strive to deliver our products and services to your door steps through our professional and responsive Sales Team, which will accommodate your requirement from day one until the day of your shipment. Exporters of goods will know that to import or export their goods to any part of the world, there are a whole set of processes, classifications and documentations that have to be done for their product to allow importation. And so we are here to assist you with!

Liwa Dates products & services are available from our corporate online store and already exports to several countries around the world;

Different Countries Export


Countries Countries Countries
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Sultanate of Oman Bahrain
Turkey Libya Canada
Australia New Zealand Germany
Netherlands Switzerland Iceland
Spain Italy UK
USA China Japan
Thailand India

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