Mozeiraa Cafe Menu

No Added Sugar Products

Something Cold

Fresh Dates Juice
Date Juice with Vinegar

Something Iced

Fresh Dates Ice Cream ( milk )
Fresh Dates Ice Cream ( yugort )
Fresh Dates Slush with milk
Crema Al Caffe

Something to Eat

Crepe, Tamrella and banana
Creap, Tamrella and Cheese
Creap, Date toffee with Nuts
Pistchio Date Cake

Something to Love

Waffles with fresh date ice cream

Something More

STeel Water
Aparkling Water
SOft Drinks

Something Hot

Esepresso Mchiatto
Coffee Latte
Spanish Latte
Coffee Mocha
Saffron Latte
Turkish Coffee
Arabic Coffee Dallah
Date Seeds Coffee Dallah
Tea With Milk
English Tea