The Liwa plant is the first factory in the U.A.E to provide Dates packing and packing services to palm planters in the best ways and means used in the food industry.

Receiving and checking dates :

The integrated quality control system implemented in the factory guarantees high quality sanitary products, starting from receiving dates and checking them before passing to other stages.

Fumigation (optional) :
The fumigation of dates ensures that they are cleaned more than just washing them.

Washing :
With state-of-the-art machinery and technology according to International health standards.

Sorting (optional) :
We offer this service to farmers as it helps to classify, fill, and stabilize date prices.

Manufacture of Date paste
The service of converting some dates varieties is not economical to paste, is one of the solutions provided by the factory to farmers where the processing and packing according to the latest methods, in addition to the availability of machines for the manufacture of paste for animal feed.

Packaging according to selected packages :
We ensure that high quality products are pre-packaged and packaged in quality-appropriate ways Emirates Dates. We have air-drawn packages and they keep your dates for a long time without fear of being damaged or infected with insects, So I need to store them in refrigerators. The filling of dates in this way opens prospects for better marketing.

vacuum packs

date paste

plastic boxes

traditional packs

ceramic packs

fancy boxes