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Most of the farms currently have a good production of dates and this production is completed when you do the appropriate marketing for it so that you can sell it at good prices, and the marketing and promotion process of the product begins with its packaging in a distinctive way that attracts the admiration of various segments of society …

Here at Liwa Dates Factory, we provide all the necessary capabilities of the equipment, machines, production lines, quality engineers, and a work team trained to use the best practices in the dates industry … in addition to international quality certificates such as ISO and HACCP certification, American Food and Drug Organization certification and organic products certification to obtain a product Well suited to different groups …

We provide all of this to help you enter the labor market by issuing your own marks, as such order provides job opportunities and a source of income for citizens who are farm owners … All you have to do is contact us.


Why Liwa dates?

  • Save manufacturing costs …
  • You give your customers confidence in your product manufactured by an approved authority.
  • A wide variety of packaging options …
  • The capabilities and expertise of Liwa Dates Factory.
  • Take advantage of the logistical services available in the factory … We provide you with advertising and marketing services ..

Liwa dates … a big name in the world of dates …

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