Why will you Pack your Dates in Liwa Dates?

Liwa Dates Factory was established in 2006 and it is the first factory in the U.A.E interested in developing the dates industry by providing distinct and unique services to Dates producers in the country, as it began to provide farmers’ dates packaging services in elegant and innovative packages that are compatible with health requirements approved in the country and abroad, and this is supported by the licenses granted to him as well International quality certificates, such as ISO and HACCP certification, and certification from the American Food and Drug Organization, in addition to the certification of organic products …
Liwa Dates factory has the best equipment and production lines for dates, laboratory, sterilization, washing, sorting, packaging, packaging, storage and spaces that greatly help in reaching the highest quality, in addition to a team trained to use the best practices in the field of dates industry … and its marketing
These advanced and costly capabilities and expertise have been developed and harnessed for you through a set of services. In addition to packing farmer’s Dates services, a new category of young people has emerged wishing to establish their own projects based on the national product of dates, by making their own brand and a factory with licensed and experienced factories. .
Why do you Choose Liwa Dates our dates?
Save manufacturing costs …
• we give our customers confidence in your product manufactured by an approved authority.
A wide variety of packaging options …
• The capabilities and expertise of the Liwa Dates Factory
• Take advantage of the logistical services available in the factory

• And others ….

We provide you with advertising and marketing services.

Liwa dates… have  big name in the world of Dates… Liwa dates…. Confidence and Assurance

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