“Successful Brands Go Beyond.”

Every great business is built on brand:

In today’s competitive market, pricing makes the difference. With private label products, retailers benefit from higher profit margins and consumers enjoy great value. Why pay more when you can have deliciously healthy high quality products for less? That’s why Liwa Dates is one step beyond other food manufacturers in offering your company its expertise. All packaging designed by our company is made out of suitable food packaging and guarantees the health of dates. Liwa Dates believe the role and significance of packaging along with the product branding and in consideration of the product requirement itself in terms of quality storage.

 “Dedicated To Serve Your Brand.”

Whether you need 5,000 or 100,000 units with your private brand, we are the company you are looking for!

Choose from renowned, high quality innovated products on creating your own brand!

We make every effort not to see a one-way opinion but instead we collaborate to provide standard, effective and attractive packaging for your brand that would be operational in your market.

Our Project Manager is dedicated to assist you in every step of your project, assuring its feasibility from day one until delivery and will remain in close contact at all time.

Our Graphic Designing Team is also available to make it happen and will be happy to answer your queries and connect with your concepts/suggestions at any time.


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    In 1969, Ahmed Saied Basamh had an idea – what if he started a food company that
    simply did everything better?
    The plan was simple – to bring Saudi consumers delicious, affordable food – to help
    When you decide to do things better, you empower everybody in the chain. And that
    brings out the very best in them.
    A clear Purpose. Better Products. More passionate People.

    Note:(Liwa dates have the project of spreadable Jam)

LuLu Group International

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    LuLu Hypermarket, the retail division of the multidimensional and multinational LuLu Group International has always been known as a trend setter of the retail industry in the region. Today, LuLu symbolizes quality retailing with 192 stores and is immensely popular with the discerning shoppers across the Gulf region.

    LuLu Hypermarkets not only dot the cities of the UAE but have become the most preferred shopping destinations in GCC, Egypt, India,Indonesia and Malaysia.

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