Benefit from building your own brand with Liwa Dates Factory

Do you want to produce date products or their derivatives bearing your own name and brand?
Then, Liwa Dates Factory is the ideal partner for you. We provide private label services to individuals And companies wishing to manufacture distinctive date products using our advanced infrastructure Our long experience in the date industry is suitable for merchants, entrepreneurs, and farmers as a service. The private label we offer suits various categories, whether you are a merchant looking for a product
Unique to display in your store, an entrepreneur who wants to enter the world of date manufacturing, or a farmer Produces high-quality dates

Your Own Brand!!!

Saving manufacturing costs: We provide manufacturing service at the lowest possible cost
Certified quality: We allow you to build a product that holds international quality certificates
Wide selection: We provide various packaging options
Experience and efficiency: We have a team of engineers and workers trained with the highest practices
Logistics services: We provide shipping and delivery services, in addition to supporting you in marketing and advertising

Liwa dates…a name that is frequent among date lovers and a symbol of success in the world of making them. Contact us today to realize your ambitions and turn them into reality
Do you need a product with distinctive quality and your own brand?

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