AL Hyla Boxes

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Al Hayla Box, is one of our Liwa Dates Heritage collection that makes you travel in time to when our heritage meets the present in UAE. This collection makes you travel in time to when boxes were handcrafted with Khos carefully, shaping our ancient traditions that our ancestors used. What makes us unique is that we love our environment. We use eco-friendly materials which help in preserving the beauty and sustainability of our environment. This is when cultural traditions meet preserving environment. Al Hayla box comes with various premium dates inside (Khudri Dates – Safawi Dates – Sukkri Dates – Serri Dates – Ajwa Dates – Majdool Dates – Sagai Dates – Khalas Dates – Fard Dates – Dabbas Dates)

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Khalas, Sukari, Dabbas, Shishi, Majdool, Wanana, Zamli, Fard, Khudri, Safawi, Ajwa, Serri, Sagai


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