Date Vinegar 280ml

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Date Vinegar is made from date juice. Allowing its juice to ferment into alcohol then vinegar starter is added and it is allows to stand to convert into vinegar. Natural vinegar is a superior food additive as it contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, amino acids and peptides, vitamins and minerals and non-nutrient substances, such as carotenoids and phenolic compounds. Dates vinegar has been used for years as both food and medicine. It is used to make dishes, grills, salad dressings and seasoning It enhances the taste and has many benefits on one’s health and well-being..

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Net VL.: 280ml
Packing: 1×30 Pieces
Pallet Capacity: 60 Cases
Case Dimension:46x25x22
20ft container capacity : 10 pallet

0.280 kg


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