Dates Wrapped by Piece

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Dates Wrapped by Piece, is what we offer in a signature box of ours providing Various Stuffed Dates (Khudri Stuffed with Almond – Khudri Stuffed with Orange – Khudri Stuffed with Pistachio slice – Khudri Stuffed with Pistachio – Sagai Stuffed with Hazelnut – Sagai Stuffed with Walnut), Chocolate Dates (Chocolate Dates with Mocha – Chocolate Dates with Orange – Chocolate covered with Feuilletine – White Chocolate covered with Rose)& Plain Dates (Khudri Dates – Safawi Dates – Sukkri Dates – Serri Dates – Ajwa Dates – Majdool Dates – Sagai Dates – Khalas Dates – Fard Dates – Dabbas Dates)

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Khudri Dates, Safawi Dates, Sukkri Dates, Serri Dates, Ajwa Dates, Majdool Dates, Sagai Dates, Khalas Dates, Fard Dates, Dabbas Dates, Khudri Stuffed with Almond, Khudri Stuffed with Orange, Khudri Stuffed with Pistachio slice, Khudri Stuffed with Pistachio, Sagai Stuffed with Hazelnut, Sagai Stuffed with Walnut, Chocolate Dates with Mocha, Chocolate Dates with Orange, Chocolate covered with Feuilletine, White Chocolate covered with Rose, Chocolate Dates with Pistachio Cream


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