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Welcome to the world of premium dates, where exquisite taste meets Emirati heritage. Dar (Home) Hospitality Dates, brought to you by Liwa Dates Factory, offers an exceptional experience for date enthusiasts.

These are not just ordinary dates; they are luxurious dates that carry the rich Emirati hospitality and heritage in every bite. Whether you are hosting guests in your beautiful home or searching for an elegant gift for your loved ones, Dar Hospitality Dates is the perfect choice for you.

These dates stand out for their uniqueness and heritage appeal, it’s offered in a Milla to mirror the Emirati Style of our selection of (Khudri Dates – Safawi Dates – Sukkri Dates – Ajwa Dates – Majdool Dates – Sagai Dates – Khalas Dates – Fard Dates – Dabbas Dates)

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Khudri, Safawi, Sukkri Dry, Ajwa, Majdool, Sagai, Khalas, Fard, Dabbas, Shishi, Sukkri Galaxy, Wanana, Maktomi, Zamili, Sagai Frozen


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