Jumairah Box Ghq Logo Gold

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Jumairah box available in two different varieties:-

  • Jumairah Box Ghq Logo Gold Premium Dates 3.790 KG
  • Jumairah Box Ghq Logo Gold Mixed Dates 1.228 KG
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Serving Size 50g. 5 Pieces of Dates.
Percent Daily Value Are Based on 2000 Calories Diet.


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Introducing our Gold Leather GHQ Box, a luxurious choice for date connoisseurs. This meticulously crafted box showcases an assortment of premium dates, each selected for exceptional quality and taste. Discover the velvety Medjool, the succulent Khalas, and the delightful Khudri, offering a symphony of flavors. The sleek black leather exterior exudes sophistication, while the plush interior cradles the dates in luxury. Perfect as a gift or a personal indulgence, this collection promises a moment of culinary bliss. Immerse yourself in the world of premium dates with our Gold Leather GHQ Box and savor the finest flavors nature has to offer. Elevate your taste experience today.

Types Of Dates

Premium Dates, Mixed Dates


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